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Cowboys Tyron Smith calls cops on family after they insist on share of his lucrative contract.

Tyron Smith
Tyron Smith
Tyron Smith
Tyron Smith

Being a football star it seems does come with some peril after all…

Cowboys tackle 21 year old Tyron Smith has found himself in the unenviable situation of having to fend of immediate family members who have come calling on him for considerate slices of his lucrative football earnings.

Having been picked by the Cowboys as a first round pick in the 2011 draft, Smith saw himself awarded a $12.5 million contract of which he was quite happy to share a sizable portion of with immediate family members. But that it seems wasn’t enough as family members (including his mother and stepfather) have come calling again for another handout almost to the point of vehement insistence that Tyron Smith acquiesce.

Nevertheless things came to a head this past Tuesday when Smith’s siblings showed up to ‘harass and torment’ him (and let’s not forget we’re talking about an individual over 310 pounds) ‘in the pursuit of collecting financial gain.’ All of which led to Smith calling the cops and then taking out an order of protection against his siblings as well as his mother and stepfather, which mandates them not being able to have any contact with Smith.

Said Smith’s attorney John Schorsch: “Lesser means were tried and they weren’t successful. You can use your own imagination as to what it took for a guy that big and that imposing to be that worried.”

To date the Cowboys have declined to publicly comment, but they are aware of the issues and had to remove a member of Smith’s family from a training camp practice in Oxnard, California, a couple of hours from where Smith’s family lives, this summer.

And then there were these following comments which caused me to chafe on my chamomile tea too:

Black people are dependent on The State for welfare etc, so when a family member comes into a large sum of money, they all want a piece because they’re used to not working and having others provide for them. This mentality exists because of welfare queen enabling politicians like Barrack Hussein Obama.


what terrible people. i hate it when ppl feel entitled to other ppls success…. its the state of america… go Romney


For those of you trying to tie this to politics, get a life. Crawl out of your conspiracy theory caves. This kid is in a tough situation, he must love his family but at least he’s smart enough to draw a line. That’s tough to do with family.


via Dallas Morning News


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