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Teen gets bullied on camera during story on being bullied.

Preston Deener
Preston Deener

It’s a sad indictment on society that children are relentlessly bullied at school. It’s a story that has been with us for years as schools and society at large has yet to find a solution of how to quell individuals who can’t help hurting, harassing and imposing other children with their own inertia masked as aggression.

That said one local news station who opted to do a feature on one young boy’s travails of being consistently bullied at school got the shock of their lives when the boy who was preparing to speak on camera was subsequently attacked by three students whilst the cameras were still rolling (talk about stupidity).

“The student came up to me and pushed me out of the way and said ‘What are you recording?'” Preston Deener, a sophomore, later told WHAG. “All of sudden, the student was chasing me and I needed some help.”

dailymail.co.uk: Reporter Katie Kyros, who was about to begin interviewing the teenager, said one of the three students started hitting the youngster in the head, unfazed by the audience.

‘One of the boys lunged towards Preston and started hitting him in the head so quickly,’ Kyros said. ‘I was shocked. They didn’t even care I was standing there and yelling at them.’

But in case you think Preston Deener is just going to take it lying down, the young boy last week stuck up for himself by hitting one of his aggressors in the face which earned him a 3 day suspension. His aggressor on the other hand was let off.

Since the attack the boy’s mother has taken the cause back in front of school administrators which interestingly led to Frederick County Public Schools communications director Michael Doerrer telling  the news station a full investigation will be launched. Nevertheless Mr Doerrer tried tempering expectations, saying “bullying is a problem at many schools around the country, not just a problem in Frederick County.”

That said I came across this comment from one reader via gawkerwhich made me sit up and think:

I’ve found that, growing up myself being just an occasional target of bullying, that most of the bully’s parents fall into one of three categories:

Completely absent or otherwise apathetic, Abusive, or just complete assholes themselves who see their kid’s behavior as something to be proud of.

I’ve never bullied anyone in my life, considering that even as a kid, I saw it as a total waste of my own time, on top of the fact that it’s just a shitty thing to do. Most kids I knew just wanted to go about their day with as little bullshit as possible, which isn’t an unreasonable expectation.

Your average bully, however, doesn’t really operate on this wavelength. I’m pretty convinced that most of these kids wake up every morning with a chip on their shoulder, and their only thought process on the way to school is looking forward to giving some poor kid shit just because it’s the only time of their day where their existence has some meaning. Their home lives are usually empty and miserable, and quite frankly their parents are usually the kind of people that should’ve opted for permanent birth control when they themselves were teenagers.

Honestly, I really don’t care what a bully’s excuse is, because there’s plenty of kids who grow up in messed-up homes that use it as a motivation to succeed, instead of becoming a permanent pain-in-the-ass for everyone around them.