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Lindsay Lohan accuses Republican staffer of assaulting her at W Hotel. Charges dropped.

Lindsay Lohan via tmz
Lindsay Lohan via tmz

The chipmunks are once again cheering…

Lindsay Lohan is said to be accusing Republican Party staff member 25 year old Christian LaBella of assaulting her this past Saturday evening at Manhattan’s Union Square W hotel. The incident purportedly happened after our collective hero demanded he delete images he had taken of her and the two hawt birches pursuantly then getting into a tussle which resulted in LaBella then punching Lilo (this is the part I am usually suppose to write that Lilo punched,stabbed, stole, injected,etc xyz).

At present it seems unlikely that LaBella will face any criminal charges which has only irked our starlet who has paradoxically argued that that bixch escaping punishment is ‘distressing and outrageous.’ Of course this is also the part that I usually sign off with world commentators as to how Lilo once again eludes punishment and instead receives a gold star from the judge.

According to police files it was substantiated that LaBella was initially arrested after Lilo accused him of punching her but nevertheless he was later freed when Lilo’s accusations could not be verified (which is another way of saying Lilo can’t go crying wolf unless that bixch Lilo actually physically fucked her up, staring at her wrong might be distasteful but that still isn’t enough yet to have anyone in this country arrested, even if Lilo may think so). In fact cops later said that the arrest against LaBello would be voided.

At present it is understood the two apparently met each other earlier that evening at 1OAK nightclub in Chelsea before she then later took him back to her hotel room at the nearby W Hotel. Why she brought him back isn’t clear (of course like you I have my suspicions) but it was at some point whilst they were in her room that the two had a flare up. According to tmz Lohan claims LaBella had taken up to 50 photos of her and video before the purported assault.

LaBella who comes with some political family pull had this from his uncle Peter Jossop:

‘She’s using her celebrity to launch a full-scale witch hunt against him just to be relevant again.’

At present the two hawt birches have files harassment charges against each other…