Home Scandal and Gossip Arby’s employee fired after she fled an armed robbery.

Arby’s employee fired after she fled an armed robbery.

Mary Archer
Mary Archer

‘I’m not going to die in Arby’s tonight….’

Mary Archer, an Arby’s employee for the last 23 years found herself being fired last week a day after she managed to flee an armed robbery at the East Dayrton, Ohio store where she worked as an assistant manager by climbing out of a drive thru window.

According to Ms Archer, she was in the process of closing up the store just before 1am when a man in a dark colored hood entered the restaurant and held her up at knife point.

With her fellow co workers all gone for the day the 56 year old Ms Archer then found herself cornered in the store’s office by her assailant who demanded she ‘give him the money’ but fortunately for her she was able to push the man away and then escape by climbing through a drive thru window, all the while crying for help.

Said Ms Archer: “I had pushed him away…because I’m like, ‘I’m not going to die in Arby’s tonight…I’m just not,'”

And how did her bosses at Arby react to all the trauma Ms Archer went through?

gawker: She was immediately fired for violating the company’s safety and security policy, which requires at least two employees to be present in the store at all times.

An Arby’s human resources exec told WHIO-TV he felt bad for Archer, but policy violation demanded termination “without exception.”

That’s fine by Archer, who told the station she didn’t want her job back. “We have no alarms, no cameras,” she said. “That should have been nipped in the bud the very first attempt.”

Of course one has to wonder if Arby’s would have still fired Ms Archer had she managed to beat back the attacker and deprive them of stealing anything (which by the way they didn’t). Or maybe they just fired her because she should have put up a fight cause at minimum wages that fast food joints pay risking your life will always ensure you have your minimum per hour job to return to the next morning. Then again Ms Archer was a bad girl, she did close up the shop all by herself (her second violation in a row), but wouldn’t that mean the other employees should have been fired too?

Never mind Ms Archer there’s always another minimum per hour fast food job waiting just around the corner that you can risk your life for next time….