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Meet the real life Popeye with 31 inch biceps. ‘Big Mo’ has the biggest biceps in the world.

Moustafa Ismail aka 'Big Mo.'
Moustafa Ismail aka 'Big Mo.'

At 24 years old, Egyptian bodybuilder Moustafa Ismail has the pleasure of having the world’s largest biceps, a feat that he has been striving to accomplish since the age of ten years old courtesy of an arduous workout program that sees him these days pump iron 2 times a day, every day.

At present his biceps measure at 31 inches and by default his physique approximates the cartoon character of Popeye yet unlike Popeye he can’t stand spinach.

Instead ‘Big Mo,’ as he is nicknamed (can anyone figure out why?) eats on a daily basis as much as 3 pounds of chicken, a pound of steak or fish, 4 cups of almonds which is all washed down by two gallons of water and three liters of protein shakes. Hefty food bill right?

In fact so dedicated has ‘Big Mo’ become to bulking up his arms he has moved his whole family to the United States simply to attain better access to work out equipment.

Reflect Big Mo with respect to his weight training:

‘Working out makes my mood better. You’re just focusing. 

‘And I like that in this type of sport you can see your improvement in your shape,’ he says.

‘I know they are growing, my chest, my shoulders, my arms. I love weights.’

That said the ultimate question is why does Big Mo love weights and why has he savored the absurd shape of his biceps that many would simply find repulsive, is it because of the sense of power it affirms, self validation or simply it’s to let the world know at any moment that he alone is undeniably the best and biggest at one thing that very few of us could ever claim….

As an aside Moustafa’s biceps have now been confirmed as a record and he will appear in the Guinness Book of World Records 2013.



  1. Fucking synthol faggot. Look how disproprotioned his upper arm is from his forearm. Pathetic. Lost respect for GWR too.

  2. @Dre – it’s because Greg is only 5 foot 6 and looks more pumped than he is… I imagine this guy is close to 6 foot

  3. looks like synthol to me…. its readily available in other parts of the world and this guy is a just a bag of douche. its impossible to build your arms that big and not show results in the forearms or shoulders or somthing! BULL$HIT!

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