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Former Ms USA, Julie Hayek set to write book on pitfalls of dating rich men.

Julie Hayek.
Julie Hayek.

It’s suppose to be every girl’s dream, to date a high profile rich man (well at least here in the United States where such preferred dispositions are advertised ad nauseum) but one woman who has made a career of dating rich men might warn you girls that dating the ‘dream man’ isn’t necessarily what it’s all meant to be.

Crowned Ms USA back in 1983, (as well as having been a first runner up for Ms UniverseJulie Hayek is now set to write a tell all book (to what degree is debatable) on the pitfalls of dating rich men. For her part Ms Hayek has had plenty of experience with respect to dating well off men, well actually billionaires (I have been told that well off dudes prefer token beauties like Ms Hayek and vice versa), including such luminaries as David Koch, Larry Ellison,Prince Albert of Monaco, hedge fund manager Jim Chanos as well as real estate magnate Richard Cohen.

According to page 6, Ms Hayek is set to write the book with a ghost writer and is currently going over her diaries. Of course this might be bad news for some high profiled high fliers who are probably loathe to have the dirty on them publicly dished, one of them being David Koch who it seems was dating a number of women whilst also dating Ms Hayek. Then again with only a certain number of high profiled men out and about is it any surprise that women flock to gain the attention of such men and for their part any surprise that ultimately they wonder if the girl is in it for them or for their money as one very influential high powered hedge fund trader once put it to me. So much for the dangers/pitfalls of dating high powered men…