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Hipsters know better than you how to jam: Party at the Bedford Avenue Station L stop, Brooklyn

Bedford Ave Station always a good vibe...

For those of you undecided about moving to Williamsburg, Brooklyn feast your eyes on the above video. It could be the clincher to get you to finally take the plunge (but I have to tell you the bixch has changed a whole lot when I first arrived over 10 years ago). Then again maybe the above video may dissuade you all together….?

animalny: Sometimes, after a long Saturday night of drinking, the train simply doesn’t come. That’s a fact that goes along with living in New York. Sometimes you’re drunk and tired and on the subway platform with dozens of other drunk, tired people. But sometimes, there’s also a woman with a killer voice and a dude with a guitar, and the dozens of other drunk people want to dance.

Let’s just say that shit happens every Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday,Monday,Wednesday, Thursday and Friday night…

Observations on the L train. NYC

Party at the Bedford Ave station from Mike Rizzo on Vimeo.

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