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Bryan Boy is secretly hoping he becomes even more famous now that he made it on America’s Next Top Model.

Bryan Boy is also a preferred hawt bixch.
Bryan Boy is also a preferred hawt bixch.

According to Bryan Boy, a self made effusive fashion blogger (who at the same time likes to keep company with fashion’s elite and don fist size sunglasses from the front row) his pretty ass is ‘really, rally scared’ of his impending ANTM fame. That’s cause it’s every blogger’s wet dream never to be recognized, revered or made into a super hawt shit hawter than them bixches they spend 7 days a week writing about in tussled pajamas.

Said the diva who just can’t stand the thought of strictly non fashion types also now adoring him:

“I mean it’s not really about fame for me so much, I’ve been blogging for eight years, and I’m just really nervous about the type of audience–you know, especially if you’re a blogger, your audience is really filtered. The people who read you, it’s really like limited to the people who love fashion. But this is like a wider audience; people who watch are from everywhere in America.”

That’s right Bryan, I feel your pain too. When them hits start coming from Iowa and Karachi, Pakistan my shit begins to explode cause then I start wondering why aren’t the cool people reading my ass anymore.

Bryan Boy working it to the bone bixches.

And then there’s via fashionista too:

It’s true–with a larger audience and one that’s not so fashion-niche–BryanBoy might have to think differently about his content and who’s reading it. (Which is something to watch especially as Bryan’s blogging network was recently acquired by Conde Nast’s Fairchild group.) But he says he has no desire to become any type of role model for the legions of young fans who’ll soon be seeing his face on their tvs every Friday night.

“I’ve never really wanted to be a role model from the beginning,” he told us. “I mean there’s just so much pressure. I just want to be myself and that’s what matters. But it’s great to be able to have this new responsibility for myself… and to hopefully inspire other people.” 

I’ll pass this on for you Bryan Boy, enjoy your last days of solitude, anonymity and just accept your hawt ass is going to be super opened for the public that’s been sweet dreaming for the likes of you. On another note, don’t be afraid to send me a hello where I will be sitting a few rows behind you when the upcoming NY fashion collections begin….

Don’t you wish you were a hawt famous fashion blogger gearing up to explode and make that trillion dollars no one ever thought you would ever make….?

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