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Vintage ads implored women to put on weight before hitting the beach.



How the times have changed indeed.

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder but then again it seems what passes off as desirable is often at the hands of predominant social dialectics at the time, place or geography. Point in case these vintage ads that the dailymail has pulled out from early last century which championed that a woman looked her best when she had a bit of weight to her torso. Heresy in today’s western hemisphere landscape.

dailymail.co.ukThis summer women will be bombarded with diet tips on how to get a bikini body and many may not dare to bare for fear of looking overweight. 

But these vintage adverts show that in decades gone by, the opposite was true. Women were encouraged to buy products to help them put on weight rather than lose it.

One advert asks, ‘left out of the seaside fun because you’re too SKINNY?’, while another proclaims ‘why be skinny? Come on and enjoy life!’

Why be skinny?! How will I ever find a man to love me either wise I can hear some of you women exclaiming. Not that you need to believe men are looking for size zero babes, as there are many desirable curvaceous women that are indeed quite desirable thank you very much.

The adverts date back to 1908 and various versions were published in magazines and newspapers from then until the Eighties. They state that being thin, which many women today aspire to, does not make you happy and can lead to you being ostracised. And while many catwalk models today are a size zero, all the models in these adverts have buxom cleavages and curvy hips.

Oh dear how the times have changed. The moral ladies, just be a healthy you and don’t pay too much attention what society tells you is the right image, after all that’s bound to change sooner or later too….



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