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Oh my! Did Katie Holmes consult Tom Cruise’s ex wife, Nicole Kidman about her get away?


There’s nothing like the good news that your current glamor Hollywood wife has been reaching out to your former other glamor Hollywood wife for the sole purpose of calculating a successful escape plot from the clutches of awful Tom and his cult like hard on for Scientology: ‘Please Nicole get me out of this nightmare!’

According to US Weekly it has been said (can we really ever believe the un named gossip/source leaks?) that a distressed (nice adjective right?) Katie Holmes reached out to Nicole Kidman desperate to avoid meeting the same fate that met her when Tom divorced her, namely the never of seeing of children, Isabella and Connor Cruise which she shares with Tom Cruise.

The pair have apparently spoken to each other a number of times over the last few weeks (this despite Nicole Kidman’s insistence that she had nothing to say on the matter and in that in fact she was avoiding close friends who were keen to get her thoughts on the matter) with sources saying that Nicole has been supportive and that she’d been through it all before too.

Nevertheless it may well be that the ongoing fracas which has been playing out relentlessly in the media may now well be on the way to being equitably and quickly resolved with Tom agreeing to a speedy divorce and the full custody of Suri in Katie’s care.

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