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Oh my! Kim Kardashian splashes $380 000 for a new Lamborghini for Kanye West.

Kim Kardashian and Kayne West. Two very hawt bixches.


Kim Kardashian and Kayne West. Two very hawt bixches.

Who? Kris Humphries? Never heard of him…

Oh dear it seems lust love is in the air as our favorite heart throbs Kim Kardashian and Kanye West took a romantic getaway in the world’s capital of romance, Paris. Yet this wasn’t just an ordinary get away it was also a chance for Kim to show how much her hawt bixch Kanye, how much he means to her, as she layed down a cool $380 000 to acquire a brand new Lamborghini for her bixch’s 35th birthday. Of course they hardly wasted a second as Kanye took his new baby out for a spin with Kim proudly looking on in the front seat.

The couple’s elation could hardly be contained as Kayne marveled in the joy of acquiring his new toy. Hardly hiding their glee the media whores were all laughs and smiles as the paparazzi busily crowded the couple and snapped happily away at what must surely have been a memorable moment.

Of course what we all want to know now is when will Kayne pop Kim the magic question? Perhaps a hint of the good shit to come is the rumor that Kayne has now agreed to star alongside his new bixch’s side in upcoming episodes of ‘Keeping up the with the make believe Kardashians.’ Of course it hasn’t been discovered if mom, Kris Jennerhas yet to approve of Kim’s new boyfriend, especially in light of her inconvenient disastrous short lived marriage to Kris Humphries.

Either way it looks like Kim is clearly smitten as she continues stunning us with her exceptionally brilliant life. Let’s hope Kanye is just as smitten as our Kim is?

Oh my! Giddy are we?
Hey slow down Kayne. We don't want to mess up Kim's hair!
Don't you wish you could be just in love like Kim and Kayne?


  1. question,
    Y pay darn near 400,000 dollars for that, when you can have the top of the line model for the same or less?

  2. No, no, it makes perfect sense. Kanye is the King of All Douchebags, so why shouldn’t he be with the Queen of All Bottom-less Sperm Receptacles. ( I was going to allude to her having no talent other than the ability to find clothes that can fit around the solar system that she refers to as her ass, but that would be too obvious).
    And hey, if she wants to burn, I mean piss away, I mean lovingly bestow such a gift on her next victim, I say why not. I just hope I am nearby with my camera, so I can snap Kanye, when Kim has the Lambo towed after she moves on. I don’t mind taking a shot from him. After all, thats how I am going to get my own Lambo.

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