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Bullied bus monitor refuses to accept boy’s apology. Donations pass $600K.

Karen Klein.
Karen Klein.

You better try harder than that bixch!

Karen Klein the 68 year bullied bus operator whose woes of being mercilessly bullied by belligerent young boys have taken center stage in the annals of media this week has publicly declined to accept the written apologies of the boys who made fun of her, arguing that she doesn’t believe that are being sincere and are only apologizing to save face.’

“I am so sorry for the way I treated you,” wrote Josh one of the two boys at the center of the storm: “When I saw the video I was disgusted and could not believe I did that. I am sorry for being so mean and I will never treat anyone this way again.”

At the time of her story going public a fundraising campaign was initiated to dampen the slight of being mercilessly bullied. That said it seems the public in a show of self disdain (did they think by giving that they might eradicate past slights on their own behalf?) and sympathy for the pensioner has to date surpassed expectations. At present the fund has exceeded $600 000.

abcIn its first 24 hours the fundraising campaign — on Indiegogo.com, a website that helps advocates raise money for various causes —raised $125,000. From there, the total jumped approximately $15,000, Klein’s annual salary as a bus monitor, every three hours.

More than 7,500 signatures have accumulated on a Change.org petition urging President Obama to allow Klein to receive the donations tax-free — even though the money is not taxable.

In the video, the boys relentlessly hurl insults at Klein, especially about her physical appearance. At one point, a boy says that if he stabbed Klein in the stomach, “my knife would go through you like butter because it’s all [expletive] lard.”

After they repeatedly poked Klein and threatened to “break into her house” and unleash a pit bull on her, one of the boys uploaded the video to YouTube.

During most of the video, Klein is seen attempting to tune the taunts out. But at one point, the grandmother of eight is seen wiping tears from her eyes.

“Are you sweating? Karen, Karen! Are you sweating?” one student asked.

“I’m crying,” she replied. 

Hardly the type of family home viewing we’re all accustomed to. Yes adoloscent boys can be quite mean and particularly uncaring as to whom they unleash their own self hate at (isn’t that what being a bully is really all about?).

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But when a human injustice story comes up for air there’s always a media hero looking to console the wounded. Which introduces us to hawt bixch du jour Anderson Cooper:

On CNN, Anderson Cooper announced that Southwest Airlines had offered to pay for Klein to take nine of her family or friends with her on a three-night visit to Disneyland. The Walt Disney Company, ABC News’ parent company, offered Klein a vacation at Disney World.

“It does make me feel a whole lot better,” Klein told ABC News. “I appreciated everything. I think it’s awesome.”

The fundraising campaign is set to remain open for another 28 days. Who knows maybe a million dollars isn’t a ridiculous target. When you can’t hug someone you can always give them money and hope it does the same thing? Then again does all that money buy away all the sense of self disgust and mutilation at the hands of others who are deep in the throes of their own self abatement?



  1. Why is their no mention of discipline for these brats? As already stated as kids we would have got our asses beat because by the time we got home our parents would have already heard what we did. These kids are making nationals headlines for being idiots!

  2. Ok…I get that childeren being bullies is wrong. I used to get bullied all the time as a child. I also feel bad that the lady got upset from the torment. However, being a bus monitor, she should realize that childeren are not as mature as adults, and kids verbally harrass and sometimes even become physically abusive to other people, child and adult alike. This is just a fact of life because parents do not care what thier childeren do anymore. I also think it is absolutly rediculous that just because this lady cried a few tears on a bus full of brats, that some idiot saw fit to start a fundraiser for her. I also think it is obserd that the donations have gone 600k+. Personally, I think that the lady should have done her job properly, told the bus driver to stop the bus, and tossed the little brats out the door and made them walk to and from school, not take up a collection for the lady.

    When I was growing up, if you were disrespectful to an elder, you got your ass beat. I have been beat with everything from belts to guns, and to be honest, I turned out to be a very respectful, and productive member of society. I also got bullied as a child, were is the fundraiser for me to compensate me for my mental anguish and pain and suffering? Do you people see how stupid it all sounds. If we raised money for everyone that was bullied in thier life, we could solve the national debt in a matter of a few years, and everyone in the country would be very wealthy. Bottom line is…People get picked on every day in this country for a variety of reasons. Grow the hell up and get over it!!!

  3. The bullies and the parents of them, should be so ashamed. This is a small snapshot of what transpires daily in our country. We have children commiting suicide because of bullying, and we have older people crying while trying to do their jobs. I am beyond disgusted by the actions of these and any other bullys. A letter of apology is just window dressing. My guess is that the parents are scared about reprocussions, or they have acquired lawyers, and have have been coached to try to make ammends. Too little, ttoo late. I was bullied, and know what it feels like. What small minded people do not realize, is that the actual words of a bully, or a disrespectful, uncaring ,vile animal, may only last minutes; but the scars last a lifetime. To those who engage in this type of activity: you nauseate me, and I believe you should be punished by the same means you punished others. Society should be worried and on guard, for this generation is out of control.

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