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3 year old boy dies after father puts him in a washing machine as punishment for defacing fellow pupil’s drawing.


Daddy wasn’t very happy with his little boy so he came up with a very special punishment…

Authorities in Paris, France have arrested Christophe Champenois pursuant to allegations that he stripped his 3 year old son naked and placed him inside a working washing machine as punishment for throwing a fellow nursery classmate’s drawing down the toilet.

According to neighbors the mother then grabbed the child who had spent a few minutes in the cold cycle and began calling out neighbors that the child had died pursuant to knocking his head along some stairs he had ‘tripped’ against.

According to Le Parisien who broke the story, the boy’s 5 year old sister, Maud, related how it was not the first time that her brother was put in the washing machine, as it had become customary for their father by now to adopt this punishment.

Neighbors for their part have related to authorities that the father repeatedly abused the boy, anywhere from locking the boy in cupboards, to making him sit on the window sill naked wrapped in a blanket.

Then this from the grandmother:

‘Bastien was an unwanted child. On the day he was born, his father was out drinking and when I told him he had a son, he said that he didn’t want him.’

Ultimately one can only wonder if the father displayed tendencies that must have once been displayed to him or was it simply a situation of a maladjusted individual who had somehow misplaced the grief and burden of his being on that of an innocent child? One can only wonder where he found the state of mind to carry out these deeds against his own son….and why ultimately he never owned up to his sociopathic tendencies?

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