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Mormom modesty fashion bloggers are now the next hawt thing in fashion? But do religion and fashion mix?

Chic Mormon dress sense?
Chic Mormon dress sense?

Staying ahead in fashion requires an adroit connection to what’s happening right now in various fashion circles (so I have been told) that said a new evolving breed of fashion blogger is starting to make her mark. Her coup d’etat you wonder? Modesty. Lots of modesty in fact….But of course there’s a twist:

styleite: Get Off My Internets brought the modesty blogging phenomenon to our attention, and we’re pretty fascinated. First of all, what’s modest versus what isn’t is a bit blurry. A perusal of the popular Clothed Much blog shows women in skinny jeans, tight pencil skirts, and high heels. Not scandalous by any means, but also not how we’re used to defining modest dress. But maybe that’s the point? These women dress a lot like we do (skirts! sweaters! chambray!), which makes sense given we’re not the bandage dress-wearing type (usually). Basically, modest does not equal something out of the 18th century, nor does it always mean long sleeved shirts under spaghetti straps.

Excuse me while I fumble for my man version of conservative skinny jeans, tight pencil v neck sweaters and slightly worn out hand made Oxfords. So let me get to the point, how much does one’s faith inform us how they should go out and dress? Go to Iran and most devout practicing Islamic women are wearing head dresses, and mind you that could be said of any suburb of Paris or street in Queens, NY.

Then again I have yet to have seen a Christian, Jewish, Islamic fashion blog. But at least I can now say I have seen a modest Mormon’s fashion blog advising me as to how to correctly dress in keeping with my faith. But hey, who knew there could be a market for religious fashion bloggers suggesting how her followers dress. Call it a chic simple guide in a confusing world or an invasive attempt to mix religion with fashion?

  • Sherrykay

    Maybe your world is just a bit too small. There are so many websites for fashionable apparel among adherents of Islam, Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism, etc., both selling and blogging. Yes, there are no “standards police,” but that is a good thing. Just because there are women informed by their faith for their dress does not always mean they will appear so different than other women. That is the point. They are working out what it means to be, for example, a young Muslim woman interested in fashion, and living in the U.S. today. And quite frankly, I have seen non-Muslims buying their longish tops because they are wee made, not tight, and they look flattering on them. I am a an academic in this area; I suggest you check out Hijabtrendz.com for a great example. Btw-these blogs have an international readership, so they have amazing stats.

  • B

    we need more mormon camel toe!