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‘Sizzling Bacon Tastes Better at Dawn with Billie Holiday on the i-Pod’-The Recipe Project

Daniel Gercke, Melissa Clark, Elizabeth Koch
Images courtesy of Black Balloon Publishing. Leigh Newman, Elizabeth Koch

If you love food, it’s likely you also love to drink, travel and listen to music too. Well, on Tuesday evening ‘super-music-nerd-foodies’ gathered in the basement of the Woolworth Building, otherwise known as The Wooly for the highly anticipated launch of The Recipe Project, a paperback gem brought to us by Black Balloon Publishing.

Typically known for their literary focus, the collision of cuisine meeting pop culture marked new territory for Black Balloon.  But, when One Ring Zero band members, Michael Hearst and Joshua Camp filled Black Balloon in on their idea to turn star chefs recipes into songs – word for word, phrase for phrase, they liked the sound of it – literally.

The group started the project with Chef Chris Constentino of San Francisco’s Incanto’s recipe for Brains and Eggs. After gathering recipe ingredients, they asked about his music style preferences and with a grin he proclaimed, Beastie Boys. So, the group set out to mix an over-saturated drum beat song with the recipe ingredients as lyrics. Not before long, One Ring Zero was creating recipe songs for top chefs like Mario Batali, Tom Colicchio, David Chang and Michael Symon.

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One Ring Zero performance


Daniel Gercke, Melissa Clark, Elizabeth Koch
Leigh Newman, Kate Sekules