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Middle school worker prepares for the first day back: booze in his lunchbox and piss in the custodial closet


Back to school: such anticipation in the air as students file in doors in their new fall best, shyly eying each other after a long summer apart. Teachers nod at each other warmly; principals march the halls ensuring things go smoothly.  The smell of piss just does not fit the scene, especially an adult’s piss.

TCPalm reports that an Oslo Middle School janitor is accused of packing a Powerade bottle full of alcohol in his lunch box.  The 51-year-old Florida man, it seems, was having a rough go of it, coming back to work: he had some incident with a teacher wherein some inappropriate comments were made (slurred, rather), then someone noticed the urine in the janitor closet.

People will surely ask for blood since the drunk’s around children, but here’s some food for thought: most college students are drunk on their first day of classes.  Who are we kidding? All you do on the first day is go over the syllabus; everyone coasts right through it.  Name games, introductions– a little booze will help you get through that stuff.    Yeah, the janitor was not involved in aforementioned activities, but he had to listen to them. Give him a break.

I for one am curious as to what this inappropriate comment was.  We all know drunks get a little more trenchant or a little more fresh, especially when a summer tan’s involved.

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