Home Fashion Doo Ri Spring Summer 2012- Whispy Wonderland.

Doo Ri Spring Summer 2012- Whispy Wonderland.

Photography by Luna Catini Doo Ri Spring/Summer 2012

The spring 2012 collection of Doo Ri can be summed into one phrase: a wispy wonderland. Out of the many ensembles shown, there were no fitted outfits and much left to be desired. Instead, there were many tan and beige, wispy, low waisted creations that were shown on the runway. The collection fell short with designs shown in a cross between an attempt at high glamour and the modern day business woman.

However, my own personal favorite of the Doo Ri collection was a white tuxedo top with see-through sleeves and a floral printed cinch waist skirt. Granted, the choice to cinch many of the skirts and dresses in the lower section of the waist may not have been the best choice, seeing as only a small percentage of women actually have the figure of the runway models shown wearing them. Some pleated jumpsuits were sprinkled throughout the collection along with the rampant theme of low cut v-neck dresses.

I would imagine these being worn by any woman that enjoys strutting around in high priced, thin, yet somewhat comfortable clothing…any takers?

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