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Online petition asks Bert and Ernie of Sesame St to marry

Bert and Ernie
Bert and Ernie

Degenerates have a new target in sight for converting our children to depraved lifestyles: the popular children’s series Sesame Street.  For decades, Sesame Street has provided wholesome entertainment for our youngsters, though as of late the gross cleavage of ex-Christian singer Katy Perry has defiled the program.  Now, online petitioners (no doubt the same responsible for the impudence of Betty White to reign again) are calling for the “marriage” of characters Bert and Ernie.  Calling on Michele Bachman to take a stand on this travesty!

The petition, found on Change. org and started by Illinois resident Lair Scott, seems to assume that long-time roommates Bert and Ernie are somehow attracted to one another, though the two are only engaged in a purely platonic friendship.   “We are not asking that Sesame Street do anything crude or disrespectful,” my left foot!  First they want homosexuals—that word!—to marry, now muppets?! What’s next?

We all can agree that we must protect our future generations, our beautiful and innocent children.  Exposing them to such perversion would only pollute their young minds.  The New York Daily News hits the nail on the head: “The only hands Henson ever intended to go up Ernie’s horizontally striped shirt, or Bert’s vertically striped one, were human puppeteers’.”

Thank heavens, in these days of confusion, that some news outlets are still getting it right.


  1. how can you even make little kids thinks about gay matters,the peerson who thought of this is sick an needed to go to prison ,this is very sick an the kids are messed up by this world enough with out confusion of the thoughts of sex under age,this is no jokeing matter an i am not laughing,this show need to be taken off the air an let the kids alone an not inpress their minds into the gutter,may god have mercy on your souls

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