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Woman Charged For Spiking a Smoothie with Antifreeze


Be wary of those bearing gifts…

Selena Irene York, 33, was charged for attempted murder in Eugene, Oregon, for trying to poison her roommate three years ago, Ed Zurbuchen, now 78. It should also be noted Selena was an acquaintance of Ed’s who took her in during some dire times. At the time no one had no idea how Ed Zurbuchen managed to get so very sick one morning until now.

The case was cold until York pissed off her ex by stealing his two cars and drained his bank accounts while he was in jail.  That’s when he uhm decided to tip off the police about a little mishap involving a spiked smoothie

Newsvine: Authorities say they questioned York again in late June after receiving the letter and she admitted poisoning Zurbuchen. She claimed she only did it because she wanted him to “stop being mean” to her children.

Sounds like this York character was quite a loose canon.  Clever idea, though.  I wonder if she got it from the eighties classic, Heathers. While Heather Chadler died immediately after Christian Slater poisoned her behind Veronica/Winona’s back, Ed Zurbuchen survived.

Zurbuchen, however, still lives in Vernal and says he hasn’t had a peach smoothie since.

“Heavens no,” he said Wednesday.

Isn’t it odd how the people you think you ought to be grateful to and whom you help out of a dire jam  are sometimes the ones who can’t stand the living daylights out of you?


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