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Woman catches toddler after 10 story fall.

Image source: Dailymail.co.uk

Image source: Dailymail.co.uk

The intervention of fate?

It has been reported that a 2 year old Chinese girl, Zhang Fangyu, left unattended fell 10 stories from her family’s apartment only to be caught by a random woman passing by.

According to the Huffington Post, the girl was left with internal bleeding and other unspecified injuries while the woman who saved the child from certain death suffered a broken arm.

But how the child came to be saved is almost as miraculous as the fact that she was saved in the first place:

huffpo: Neighbors saw Niu Niu dangling from the apartment window for several minutes, Xinhua said, and when the girl fell, Wu Juping “kicked off her high-heeled shoes” and ran to catch the child.

“It was so urgent. I saw her when she was about to fall and rushed there, and after tens of seconds she fell off,” CCTV quoted Wu as saying.

A 31-year-old mother, Wu told CCTV that when she saw the hanging girl she thought of her own seven-month-old son who had once fallen from a high chair and cut his mouth: “I thought to myself ‘I should stretch my arms to her. Because I am right here, I must get her.’ Then I made it. I caught her in my arms.”

Who could really say how many of us if in the same position as this woman would have risked injury to save this young girl? But perhaps when it comes down to it the natural impulse of a human being is to reach out and extend themselves for another fellow human being. Of course one wonders what would have happened if this wasn’t a 2 year old child but a 20 year old?

Nevertheless the occasional feel good story does a tremendous service to the collective human spirit. Let’s hope someone is there waiting for you should you accidentally fall out of a balcony one day…



  1. well if its a 20 year old one would not have the time to consinder the age, weight etc of the person falling, they will simply respond to the Natural impulse as already alluded to..

  2. That may or not be true, but the point being raised is what would have happened if the person falling down wasn’t a 2 year old but a 20 year old. Would a reasonable individual put themselves in possible harm’s way to break that fall and potentially save their life?

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