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The mystery of the suspicious dog park tombstone


In a curiously odd occurrence, residents of Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles are perplexed after a marble tombstone appeared in a condominium dog park that reads, “Loving Husband Father and Physician Jeffrey Lang, 1976-2012.”

2012 it is obviously not; a dog park a rather unconventional burial place, and no Jeffrey Lang shows up in any local records, so some are suspecting a hoax.

KTLA: Locals are calling it spooky, but no effort to remove the headstone has yet been made.

“It just showed up here the other night, I was walking along here around 1 o’clock in the morning and was like ‘oh my God,'” says Karen Mangini, who has lived in the area for 15 years.

“We were wondering if it was some sort of omen somebody here that better watch out. This is the strangest thing.”

If this is some sort of omen concerning the end of the world, why target dog walkers at a condo near Hollywood?  Marble does not lend its self to cheap movie props, either.  An ominous suicide plot by a loving dog owner?  A harbinger of death for some Dr. Lang?  And is there anything buried underneath it?

If it is a hoax, it certainly does the trick: granted, it’s not exactly important news and has no impact on anyone’s lives, but doesn’t it make you curious?!


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