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Swiss pilot calls mother from cockpit, confirms she’s home then crashes his plane into her house


Allegedly, he really said, “Are you home, mum?  I’m just about to drop in.”

This story comes with some fun buzz words: kamikaze, matricide, suicide (on second thought, maybe those are not so fun).

NY Daily NewsSwiss authorities are investigating what drove a suicidal maniac to try to kill his mother by flying a rented twin-engine plane into her house.

Konrad Schmidt, 47, launched the kamikaze attack on his estranged mother’s home in the northern Swiss village of Oberhallau on Saturday, authorities said.

Konrad’s mother, Rosemary, survived the wreck in the basement of her house, though Konrad himself died in a massive fireball.

Neighbors reported to the Swiss newspaper Blick that they were terrified when they heard the plane repeatedly flying by their houses. “He did all these fly-pasts. He was lining himself up to crash the plane into the house,” one neighbor told Blick. “And then he did it.”

Apparently, Konrad was battling depression following the break-up of his parents.  His father died of cancer shortly after the split, and Konrad blamed his mother.

Given that both Konrad and his father were pilots, this seems a fitting if not poetic way to go out, not to mention unhinged.  But the question is, what is it about pilots that make them so maniacal?  If they’re not drunk and crazed, they’re crashing their plane into relatives’ homes. If I were Rosemary Schmidt, I would not trust any more fly boys in my life after this incident.