Home Pop Culture Owling has replaced planking to become the newest internet craze.

Owling has replaced planking to become the newest internet craze.

Image sources: Daily Mail.

It used to involve lying horizontally with ones arms and legs flexed outwards, on sometimes dangerous and risky surfaces (half the fun and double the dare some had argued) but now a new trend is sweeping through the internet. It’s called owling.

Similar to planking, except this craze involves one crouching on their haunches and staring into the distance, well, like an owl of course.

A reaction to those seeking anonymity from the ubiquitous trend of planking, owling for the time being is an underground trend, strictly for those in the know, and for that we can thank a bunch of garrulous Aussies for getting us onto the new trend.

Despite the recent death of one Brisbane, Australia planker, it seems the desire for self expression in odd settings followed up with photographs verifying such experiences on facebook and reddit (oh yes) has itself helped to expand interest in a pursuit that was once a lark amongst bored teenagers. But this being the internet a picture of a crooked whale blowing out of the wrong hole can these days make it viral.

Anyway so much for skate boarding riding of my youth and hello to owling. Now how exactly do I haunch on my knees again…?


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