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Man agrees to walk a 1000 miles to his girlfriend’s house if she accepts his wedding proposal.


I would walk 500 miles and I would walk 500 more…

Mainland China.

Liu Peiwan would do anything for love.  He’s walking from Hunan’s central province to his girlfriend Ling Hsueh‘s home in Guangdong, all because she joked that he would have to take that Proclaimers one hit wonder seriously.  (Must be a Benny and Joon fan).

The Nerve came up with this quote: Ling said of her boyfriend and his economical, but tiring, feat, “He’s such a fruitcake. I would have married him anyway and was only joking when I said he had to walk 1,000 miles.” Liu was philosophical, saying “Life is short, and for love, there’s no challenge too great.’”

Even if Ling was only teasing, I still think this adorable.  Liu only has a little bag with him and a flag that reads, “Valiantly, full of mettle, setting out to visit my wife’s mother” (is the mother part an honor thing?), and hopefully an iPod to listen to this song on repeat.

Shouldn’t you walk a 1000 miles for the person you love too?

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