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Lightning strikes twice: Ed Sullivan Theatre vandalized again this week

Ed Sullivan Theater.

Ed Sullivan Theater.

Another delinquent seeking his fifteen minutes…

This weekend it was John Whittemore breaking into David Letterman’s studio during a black out; last night, 42 year old Alvin Moore follows up with his own exploit.

AP reports that Moore threw a metal news stand into the doors of the Sullivan Theatre at 1 AM Thursday.

Police said a security guard hit Moore in the head with a golf club.

A golf club—this is preparation coming at the heels of a vandal attack?

Police say he told them he was upset because Letterman hadn’t responded to a number of demo tapes he sent him.

Moore was reportedly jealous of the media attention that Whittemore received, but does he really believe this will work out in his favor?  Whittemore gave his most sincere apologies this week; his uncle came to his support pleading the case of alcoholism.  Letterman laughed off the “crime of the century,” but I don’t think Whittemore will be booked on the show any time soon.

Crime catapults some to fame—there’s Casey Anthony, OJ, Jeffrey Dahmer, etc.—but who in their right minds wants to join that pantheon?  Maybe it will work out for both these crooks, though.  Maybe at my next job interview, I’ll just break a few windows on my way in, really give ‘em something to talk about.

In the mean time, I’d advise Ed Sullivan security guards to stay off the golf course and start beefing up surveillance, and Letterman writers to do their worst.

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