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I did not write this, I found it on the net. See what you think?


Some people have all the luck. Or do they?


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  1. Twistus2, i have read all these comments and i think everyone BUT you is great, just for putting up with your bull shit, if i met you in real life i would beat the seven shades of shit out of you…hey. they would be GREAT. suck a fat one ass hole

  2. Hey “DERP,” why don’t you keep your hatred and intolerance to yourself?

    I bet you’re goddamned lightning quick to point out when Christians are
    hateful and intolerant of others. But it’s somehow cool when atheists do it,
    because you don’t believe in an “imaginary friend,” and this makes you somehow superior to them?

    Keep telling yourself that, hypocrite.

  3. No apple employee would ever do that. They get paid a lot and love their jobs to much to jeopardize all of it to have a laugh. There’s probably less than 5% of those employees who would do that. It is a cool story though.

  4. Curious. Why is it so important to atheists to go to every opportunity to denounce those those that do believe? I think you are an insecure prick.Live and let live but I’ll bet you have no idea what that means except for the phony version you subscribe too.

  5. Great people aren’t necessarily remembered forever. By your own definition, they only have to be ” of an extent, amount, or intensity considerably above the normal or average.” No part of this definition mentions a predefined amount of memorability. I, personally, have an intelligence level with an extent that is far above average. I’ve been thoroughly tested on that point. That makes me, by your earlier definition, a great person. So, as an authority on the subject at hand, I’m asking you to quit your petty squabbling. It is annoying and offending great people like me everywhere.

  6. “Great men are people who will be forever remembered and never forgotten throughout time.”

    Then, by this definition, you are saying that Hitler was a great man. I don’t know that I agree with you there, bud.

    Also, it is possible for a word to have both a connotative and denotative definition. Yes, you provided us earlier with the denotative (dictionary) definition of great, and maybe these people aren’t great by that meaning. But in the connotative sense (in the case of the OP, the guy being cool), yeah, it works just fine. Words aren’t always used exactly as they are defined in the dictionary, but if the meaning of the statement gets across, who gives a damn?

  7. What do you not understand about your own definition? It was your own self that decided to define it, I gave you a prime example of someone who “…intensity considerably above the normal or average..”. If we take you as average, would you sit in a flaming tank and act so damn crazy that a Panzar Tank Unit surrendered to you?

    No, you wouldn’t, because you are average. Suck it up, arm chair warrior.

  8. What do you not understand about the near unattainable nature of greatness? Audey Murphy was a good soldier and a good actor but great he was not. Great men conquer worlds and change minds. There is more to greatness than one’s personal opinion. Being great is something very few have the pleasure of becoming. Audey Murphy is only known by those who remember who he is and what he did. You ask the modern generation who he is and they will tell you “No. Who is he?”. And eventually he will be completely forgotten after those of us who remember or know of him are gone. Great men are people who will be forever remembered and never forgotten throughout time. I just told you otherwise.

  9. I work for a cellular company and promise not to fuck with your facebook. These mac store employees must not have the rigorous training in cpni. Bastards.

  10. Here’s how great this made up man is: finds girl on someone’s FB. Turns out to be a coworker. Gets fired. Or it’s a cousin. Or his friend’s girlfriend. Or one of many inappropriate things. You dipshits believe this story too.

  11. I didn’t have to do research. And greatness is not relative. Failure is relative. Greatness is near unattainable. lol

  12. I think that you took that statement a little too seriously. Doing research to respond to an internet post that had nothing to do with you? Thanks for the definition but greatness is relative anyways so it doesn’t matter. Now please move on with your life, as I have already done so.

  13. So you think he’s great because he made you laugh? Are you sure he wasn’t just average and made you laugh? You need to read the definition of the word great: Great is defined as being: Of an extent, amount, or intensity considerably above the normal or average..

    His comment was completely mundane, mediocre, boorish and cliche. And that my friend is far from great. The fact that you laughed at such a thing says a lot about your mentality.

  14. It might not be true, but the fact is, you are an angry little man. Also, you need to fix your Facebook privacy settings, so those outside of your friends list can’t read your timeline. I read some of the content there and you are just negative to be negative.

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