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Bloggers are now dominating the Manhattan rental market.


According to the WSJ, Wall st financial wizards are now making room for bloggers and tech geeks. Why? Because apparently they’re the ones who are now all making the money. (which strikes this blogger as a rude shock).

Tenants now include  media wanna be moguls (which would be us for sure) who are now moving to trendy Brooklyn suburbs like Williamsburg (if it makes any difference, I’ve been here since they were selling crack down the road before it became some fancy Oyster bar…blah) to flourish their media empires. The only caveat being, that the media folk want all the amenities that junk bond traders and derivative guys used to get over the in the financial district but for a cheaper price with W Hotel like amenities.

And why exactly are all the realtors catering to the creatives and geeks? Apparently there’s been a 5 year trend toward more people working in media and tech. You can also thank Google, Facebook and Twitter expanding their offices.

But before you go telling your mother your now dating some media guy, beware, most realtors are aware that most media types are not banking what their trader/banker affiliates were making in their hey day and even question whether this could have the effect of driving down rents in the long term.

Either way isn’t it nice to tell people you’re some important blogger type blogging about important things for wanna be important people living in that part of town where you can now finally buy $4 cafe lattes. Welcome to NY you budding media stars, we’re all waiting here for you, except the crack dealer who’s moved onto bigger and rosier pastures…

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