Home Scandal and Gossip Woman sprays police with breast milk after fight with husband.

Woman sprays police with breast milk after fight with husband.


What would you do to keep the cops from placing you under arrest?

While attending a wedding this past weekend at the Bridgewater Banquet and Conference Center in the city of Delawarewith her husband, Stephanie Robinette got into an altercation with him.

At the time it is reported Mrs Robinette wacked her husband several times before locking herself in their vehicle. Makes sense right?

When the police finally arrived she offered that she was a lactating mother and that the police should watch themselves. Of course the police paid little heed and upon attempting to remove Mrs Robinette from her makeshift cubby hole she took out her right breast and began to spray the officers. Delicious right?

Mrs Robinette was eventually restrained and taken into custody with Sherrif Walter L.Davis offering the following:

“This is a prime example of how alcohol can make individuals do things they would not normally do,”

Indeed. But at least Mrs Robinette didn’t take out her tampon and attempt to smear officer’s faces with it. Personally I think it’s the weather, right Mrs Robinette?


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