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Pop glam band ‘Creature’ hit Pianos.


Last week saw me re-live my days of lower east side living by going to my favorite local spot Pianos to see Montreal-based indie rock band, Creature. I’ve certainly seen Pianos packed before but never on a Monday night at 7pm.  Arriving mid-way through their first song, the room was already entirely filled with fans, music execs and pop rock enthusiasts. The band played a high-energy forty-minute set of both old and new songs, including their current single “So High.”

I’ve been to way more shows at Pianos than I’m willing to admit and knowing the variety of musical acts they book, I had no idea what to expect from a band that goes by the name of Creature. After their first song, however, I was hooked on their pop-rock heavy beats layered with futuristic, electronic undertones and impressed by their ability to creatively incorporate other musical genres into their own unique sound.

While this was my first time hearing about Creature, they’ve actually been around since 2004. It was their 2007 EP release that put them on the map as a band to watch out for based on their lively shows and solid style of music. The band, which consists of Kim Ho on vocals, Lisa Ivy (Cowbella) on the keyboard and percussion, Sid-Z on the drums and Meli Mae on background vocals and base released their first full-length album entitled No Sleep at All in Spring 2008 on Bonsound Records/Universal Music Canada.

Despite a slight change in the line-up over the past few years, the band members mesh extremely well together on stage. Their interaction with each other combined with their dramatic and almost theatrical facial expressions proved a crowd favorite among audience members. They were comfortable on stage and only spoke briefly in-between songs, therefore helping to maintain the energetic vibe of the audience.

Just from hearing a few of their songs, it’s easy to grasp bits of the band’s personality. Joking that they all fell in love with the same girl on the street who was dressed head-to-toe in an all-white leather outfit was hilarious to visualize and certainly believable considering the eclectic street style of the Lower East Side. I’m definitely looking forward for their next album release.