Home Nightlife Krause Gallery’s After Hours party!

Krause Gallery’s After Hours party!


Photography by John Wenrich

Krause gallery had an after hour’s party Friday night, honoring exhibited artists– Emil Alzamora, Jordan Eagles, Michael Marshall, Rob Tarbell and Matt Colagiuri. LES has been the recent home to director Benjamin Krause’s now “hipster chic” art gallery space. Unsure of what quite characterized Krause’s crowd, when it had been in San Francisco or Atlanta, I’m sure it had always naturally attracted the cream of the crop. Intellectual fine young artist professionals, interested in surrounding themselves with the cultural aspect of socializing in the company of beautiful art and free drink, Krause Gallery’s after hours was and always has been a pure success!

Emil Alzamora’s “Water Cycle”, $2000, made from ceramic, glass and wax is a sculpture of two figures—one white and one cocoa dusted. Each flipped on their toes, in a mirroring fashion—the statues are bald-headed representations of the elements and their cycles. Relaxed, yet composed—each figure represents two of the four elements. The statues composedly reminisce, on what it means to be either fluid or grounded.

Lisa and Farrah.