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‘How many cocktail umbrellas are there in the USA?’ The bizarre questions that global companies are now asking job applicants.


Getting a job now is about how well you think on your feet. Never mind the questions.

With an avalanche of prospective job applicants on the market, global companies are now concocting increasingly bizarre questions during the interview process as they increasingly seek to vet out potential candidates.

Companies like Capital One, Goldman Sachs, Facebook, even the Pottery Barn (we kid you not) are increasingly asking questions that are seemingly unrelated to the job being applied for. But there’s a reason it seems. Employers only want to hire those applicants who can show that they can think on their feet and with questions like those below- it certainly is going to take a lot of thinking on one’s feet:

dailymail.co.uk: Rusty Rueff, Glassdoor.com’s career and workplace expert, told Yahoo: ‘Employers want to see how candidates think.

‘For tough or oddball interview questions, it’s not always about getting the right answers it’s about how you tackle a challenging problem.

What would you do if you inherited a pizzeria from your uncle? That’s easy- I’d have peperoni pizza on tap. Hmm- wrong answer?

How about how many umbrella sticks there are in the US? Well wouldn’t that be a matter of asking out aloud how many bars there are in the city, how many patrons attend such bars, whether such bars have more people dropping by the weekend and what type of drinks do those bars make and then wondering out aloud whether margaritas or martinis come with umbrella sticks because personally you think it would make a great idea. Or would it? But maybe to show I was cute I’d then wonder out aloud but then again that all changes how many hen’s nights were taking place that night. Or maybe I’d just stay quiet and play with my shoe laces in the most educated way possible. Assuming such a thing is possible.

But then again do you really want to work for a company that is going to force you to think about such seemingly retarded things? Maybe if they pay enough? Maybe if they just pay period. Hmm, welcome to the graduating class of 2012.

ps- How many peperoni slices are being eaten at any one time in the US?



  1. I appreciated the article, and the tongue and cheek wit you applied. However, I do not see reason for you to use the word “retarded” to describe a question. Seems a little overdone.

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