Home Scandal and Gossip Airbus is set to reveal its transparent plane.

Airbus is set to reveal its transparent plane.

Anyone seen my ball? Passengers will be able to play virtual golf in the interaction zone on the plane

Image source: Window on the world: Gone are the small aircraft windows in the 'vitalising zone' which provides a panoramic view for passengers .

Soon you will be flying with a full view of the sky ahead of you, assuming you don’t have a fear of flying.

Airbus engineers are set to unveil a futuristic design for the Airbus of the future. With aspirations to bring their designs to reality by the year 2050, here are some of the perceived highlights:

telegraph.co.uk: In fact cabin classes will be consigned to history. Instead there will be personalised zones, tailored to individual passengers.

No longer will they feel trapped in a darkened tube, instead they will enjoy panoramic views of the skies above and the world below.

Flight of fancy? Artists impression of an x-ray of an 'intelligent' concept cabin of an aircraft of the future .

Panoramic views? Can one be sure travelers are up for transparent panoramic views. For some the thrill will be exhilarating, and yet for others rightfully daunting.

Flying fatigue will be a thing of the past, instead a “vitalising zone” will enable people to recharge their batteries so they arrive refreshed rather than exhausted at their destination.

Vitalizing zone? How does one physically re vitalize passengers who for the most part are now jaded and cynical when it comes to flying? Will it involve secret pills? Foot massages by personal concubines? Or a quick dip in the select bath in first class?

The sense of well being will be enhanced by the use of aromatherapy, with stale cabin air being replaced by aromatherapy scents complete with antioxidants and vitamins being wafted across the plane.

Starry skies: The cabin wall membrane controls air temperature and can become transparent to give passengers views throughout the day and night

Antioxidants and vitamins wafting throughout the plane? How will Airbus physically carry this out? And what if I’m not in the mood for my requisite dash of vitamin B12?

Mood lighting will be used to make passengers feel better and instead of being squeezed into a one-size fits all seat, they will be enveloped in one which moulds to their body.

The seat will not only apply acupuncture but use the heat generated by the passenger to provide some of the power needed to fly the aircraft.

Mood lighting? Acupuncture? Is Airbus sure its’ not taking its passengers on some hot steamy romp getaway? And prey tell, what mood lighting will Airbus use during turbulence?

Airbus also believes that the plane of the future will no longer be isolated from the ground below, instead an interactive zone will use holograms to make it possible to play a game of virtual golf or even try on clothes in a virtual changing room.

The plane will, thanks to the use of new materials, be lighter, consume less fuel and have a far lower carbon footprint than aircraft in the skies today.

Voyage of discovery: Artists impression of how the aircraft of 2050 will look on the outside at night

Consume less fuel, play golf, holygrams? It all sounds vaguely familiar to the 1970’s show Star Trek without all the fancy aliens. Or can one pay a premium and end up with a 3 eyed sloth providing deep whispers of encouragement during the flight who will waft me to a far far place called exotic discovery? Or is this just Airbus being wishy washy and sucking us in with a pipe dream? If the last 40 years can be a judge (where nothing much has changed – except me being more cramped than ever) I’m willing to bet it’s all a pipe dream, but then again who can resist a transparent view of heaven and hell?

Anyone seen my ball? Passengers will be able to play virtual golf in the interaction zone on the plane