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Man impaled in face, survives


Your driving instructor drilled it into you: buckle up, hands at 10 and 2, eyes on the road, nice and easy. If you deviate from that, you’re liable to have something else drilled into you.

ABC: A man had a metal pipe spear through his head in a bizarre accident and lived to share his amazing story of survival.

An X-ray of Andrew Linn taken moments after he arrived at a Las Vegas hospital last November shows the pipe entering and exiting his skull.

Linn apparently drove off the road and hit a chain-link fence, sending a pole through the windshield.

The pole went in just below the right side of his nose before exiting through the back of his neck.

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Let us all heed the warnings of our driving instructors and increase our focus while traversing our nation’s vast expanse of roadways.

fox: Linn said his accident was a “humbling” experience – he realizes he could have died. He knows he is lucky to have come away from the accident with only scars, a few missing teeth and a destroyed palate.

Somewhere, in some musty janitor’s closet turned office, an old clipboard clutching man is finally vindicated: “Some things will never change, damned kids will never listen.”

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  • ghurron briscoe

    Where did it occur? -dandy (ghurron briscoe)

  • Mobius

    Protip: only ignorant fools hold a steering wheel at 10 and 2. That shit went out with the Ark man, seriously. Modern driving requires hands at 9 and 3, and nowhere else. Get with it.