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Welcome to Applebees’ Toddler Trauma.


All sweet little Dominic Dill-Reese wanted was four ounces of Motts, served chilled in a sippy cup- just a few drops of pressed and pasteurized apple juice to complement his chicken fingers. What he was given appears to have undergone a process of fermentation prior to reaching this young lad’s pacifier craving lips.

Dailymail.co.uk– A 15-month-old boy was rushed to a hospital after he was accidentally served alcohol in a kids’ meal at an Applebee’s restaurant.

Dominic Dill-Reese started acting strangely after drinking what his mother thought was apple juice from his cup at the restaurant in Madison Heights, Michigan.

As the story goes, young Dominic’s strange behavior was caused not by a rush of sugar from the nectar of a Red Delicious, but  from the intoxicating nature of his actual drink- a Margarita.

‘He was saying hi and bye to the walls and then eventually lay his head on the table.  He dozed off a little bit and woke up and got real happy.’

I’ll refrain from the expected quip about Dominic knowing his limits, regaining himself, catching that second wind and gearing up for the encore– such an observation would be classified as gratuitous.

What I will do is question the competency of Dominic’s mother, Taylor Dill-Reese. Ms. Dill Reese, were you not at all concerned when your 15 month old son’s “apple juice” arrived in a Sombrero-styled, salt-rimmed glass? Did you not want to be the only one drinking at the table?

With all the dangers a young child is exposed to on his way to becoming a full-sized human being, it takes a watchful eye and discerning heart to ensure the completion of the process. She let one slip through the ever-dangerous crack here, putting her young in harm’s way.

Is this a red-flag signaling child-rearing incompetence, or merely a freak occurrence?

Applebees will likely face the brunt of the scrutiny for this injustice, but let’s not let Momma Dill-Reese off the hook just yet. Get well soon Dominic– a cold shower and pot of black coffee should do the trick.



  1. did you ever have an applebees margy? this kid and everyone that drinks them need not worry about alcohol and its fatal effects

  2. I would have never questioned the stupidity of this happening at a restaurant. I would now, but I have never seen this kind of negligence involving a child in a restaurant before. No, as a parent I wouldn’t have questioned people being this careless. Shame on me I guess.

  3. I’m with LG. Your writer went way over the edge unless he could show anywhere that the parent had anything but a child’s sippy cup handed then you should be editing better. I hate to call names but who is the incompetent person here? You and your writer for blatantly accusing the parent of wrong doing when all they did was the right thing.

    The person who filled a child’s sippy cup with anything other than what was ordered needs fired and possibly arrested! If is was simple gross negligence then the moron needs fired in the least. Was your parent’s cruel to you and you must now take it out on every parent in the world? Maybe your parents would have fun reading this comment?

  4. LG LG LG, 2:55am? Hilarious comments only please. I said it before, this kid’s a PIMP, get this fruity ass shiznit off the table and serve me a lil buckaroo Old English 4 ozer

  5. If you looked into the full article published in numerous places elsewhere….the restaurant had served the “apple juice” in the boy’s sippy cup! The mother was not negligent…if anything, she was super watchful. She had no reason to suspect that there was anything but apple juice in the sippy cup. When the boy began acting strangely, she looked in the sippy cup, immediately called the police and rushed her son to the emergency room. I’ve never read your blog before…but wow, do you get off on making judgements about other people’s near misses. If you are a parent, then you know it’s probably by the grace of g-d that you haven’t had a near miss turn tragedy.

  6. Donna- I think our writer was being flippant when he mentioned the Sombrero-styled, salt-rimmed glass bit. But we think you get the point…

    The Editor- Scallywag.

  7. Ok should this mother even be considered a parent? First of all the baby is 15 mths and dont u think it would be a little strange bring apple juice is the glasses they serve margaritaas in???? I suspect she knew and just wanted to ” Sue” for something…..rolling eyes

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