Home Nightlife The Hospitality ball honors silver fox Bobby Grippo.

The Hospitality ball honors silver fox Bobby Grippo.

Photography by Steve Sands.

A recent Monday saw cognescenti and gourmet afficiandos turn up to pay homage to dandy and larger than life persona Bobby Grippo. A beacon in the nightlife business, Bobby rose up the ranks as a hall of fame bartender – tending bar in venerable venues such as Peach Trees of Westchester, Harpers of Hempstead, Zanzibar of Huntington, Channel 80, Club G in the Garden City before opening some of his own venues, Boogeis Supper Club in Levittown being one of them.

As life would have it, three years ago Bobby was diagnosed with acute Leukemia and hence began a rigorous bout of chemotherapy treatments to ward off its advancements. Having undergone a rigorous six week program, Bobby has to date been able to hold the illness at bay and continue to inspire those around him and honor his wife,family and friends. That Monday night, his wife, family and many friends came to honor him. Steve Sands was there to capture the magnanimous atmosphere. Enjoy his photos…

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