Home Scandal and Gossip Teacher shuts girl up by taping her mouth shut.

Teacher shuts girl up by taping her mouth shut.


Teacher always knows best…

jezebel: A teacher in Miramar, Florida allegedly taped 13-year-old Jazlyn Freel’s mouth shut because she wouldn’t stop talking. “I had to cough, so I took the first piece off, so she went into her desk, and she took another piece out, and she put it on my mouth again,” says Jazlyn.

Kids, do you remember ever having your mouth shut when you were at school? Personally when I was a kid I had one school teacher wash my mouth out (she was kind enough to use apple scented dishwashing liquid) and then there was another time I was made to stand in the corner wearing a dunce’s hat. The blow to my self esteem was a real doozy if I remember correctly…

But anyway, what did the teacher have to say about all this get tough on the ‘misbehaving kids’ bit?

The teacher claims it was “just a joke,” but after Jazlyn’s mother Leah Freel complained to school administrators, they said the teacher would be reassigned. Jazlyn explains the whole thing, “wasn’t a really good experience,”

Is it ever a good experience having Scotch tape shoved across your mouth? But then again- teacher always knows best, except when they don’t. Right?

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  • Corvin

    Maybe if parents would teach their kids to be more respectful in the first place this kind of thing wouldn’t happen.