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Daniel Boulud’s “Hard Hat” Tour & Tasting.


Photo by Steve Sands. Daniel Boulud.

Daniel Boulud hosted a “hard hat” tour and Friday lunchtime, to celebrate the opening of his two new upper west side places: Epicerie Boulud and Boulud Sud Mediterranee. Still undergoing construction, but prepared to open this late spring, “dust proof attire” was the suggested dress code.

French culinary institute—combined with authentic Mediterranean ingredients, and haute-Americana appeal and intrigue—saw one of the world’s top chefs and restaurateurs, masterpieces at work. Bubbly champagne, red and white whines paired with the endless array of savory delicacies, so generously brought out with pride and originality, and generated intrigue, mystique.

Spiced lamb with honeyed eggplantsea urchin and crab tartine on a seaweed cracker—sliced corvina, as delectable tender as bronzino, graced us with their presence. Braised baby goat ragout, overorecchiette pasta, and duck leg wrapped in filo dough, and paired with spicy sweet chutney—were my personal favorites, as were the endless supply of Rhode Island oysters, both small and large.

Photo by Tyler Weggel. Goat ragu, w oreccetta curls...

The presentation began, and Boulud himself acknowledged several inquiries lingering about him. Real estate, restaurant layout, function and form—”Epicerie Boulud” is a charcuterie with ‘a bar element’, explained the chef—and would be featuring daily crepes, sandwiches, oysters. Everything would be made from scratch, with the exception of cheese and bread, which would be coming from Essex market. “The best of the best” ingredients, the quality of food brought to the table, yesterday—was testimony.

Commending the teams of professionals, entrepreneurs and businessmen that helped to transform his vision to reality, Boulud thanked his ‘king of twitter’ and those up keeping Bar Boulud with ‘great enthusiasm’.

Photo by Steve Sands.