Home Scandal and Gossip Breakfast beer is set to be launched this Thursday.

Breakfast beer is set to be launched this Thursday.


Why stop drinking when you can carry on begin at breakfast?

Alcohol authorities call it shameless and an exercise in poor judgement, you on the other hand may end up calling it the best thing since sliced bread.

foxnews: AUCKLAND, New Zealand –  A new beer to be launched in New Zealand’s largest city at 7:00am Thursday has been slammed by alcohol watchdogs concerned about its promotion as a “breakfast beer.”

The cherry-flavored wheat lager is described as “a beer the ladies can enjoy too … if you’re having a champagne breakfast but don’t fancy champagne, have a beer instead,” the New Zealand Herald reported Sunday.

A beer that the ladies can enjoy too. Hmm, somehow I have a hunch it’ll be the lads that will be enjoying this one- from breakfast,lunch, dinner- a little nap to then be resumed once the sun rises for poached egg and of course Moa breakfast beer.

The beer, made by Marlborough brewery Moa, contains 5.5 percent alcohol and will be officially launched at an Auckland cafe this week, but has already been slammed as “irresponsible.”

National Addiction Centre director Doug Sellman said the marketing of the beer was “a completely irresponsible stunt from a health and addiction perspective, because it is normalizing pathological behavior.”

Moa co-owner Geoff Ross said the company was not trying to create irresponsible behavior.

Which begs the ultimate question, if Moa’s owners aren’t intent on normalizing getting slobbered by 8am in the morning, why didn’t they just call the beer- Moa’s preferred after dinner primer? But then again where’s the thrill of cracking open a Mao if you can’t do it at the crack of dawn? Never mind all the new beers that will suddenly pop up for breakfast should this one take off…