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500 Chinese dogs saved from consumption.


Satisfying your guiltiest of pleasures has just gotten slightly more difficult in The People’s Republic of China–  assuming of course you feel guilt when ingesting Fido.

TheSun: Hundreds of dogs set for the dinner table in China were saved last week when 200 animal lovers rushed to their rescue.

A brave driver, who spotted the doomed animals crammed into the back of a truck, swerved in front of the vehicle on a motorway in Beijing.

As the story goes, this brave man was able to hold up this truckload of Chinese doggy-delicacy just long enough for 200 people to arrive in protest.

15 hours and $17 000 later (yes the driver had to be paid off)  520 dogs were set free, and China was that all the hungrier.

Dog and cat meat are an age-old delicacy in China — traditionally said to keep people warm in winter.

Next time you feel a chill coming on, don’t bother turning up the thermostat, or even putting on sweater– gnaw on Rover’s leg–that should get the blood flowing.

It looks like PETA’s Communist China chapter has won a major battle here, and the hounds are in safe hands. Never mind that most of them were taken off the streets to begin with.

The dogs were taken to local pounds where they will be put up for adoption.

Those of us who no longer believe in Santa Claus know exactly what happens to long-term residents of pounds. As for option B: If the the adopter looks emaciated and salivates upon sight of Spot, they might want to reconsider the transfer.

What may look like an Animal Rights victory, could be but a mirage.

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