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300 million year old shark bone saves man from black lung


25-year-old Kentuckian miner Jay Wright wasn’t supposed to work this now-famous shift– he was filling in for a sick coworker. He was quite content with putting in another Yeoman effort 700 feet beneath the earth’s surface. What transpired has propelled this young man into an overnight paleontological sensation.

ABC NewsThe 300-million-year-old shark jawbone found by a Kentucky miner is being compared to a great white shark and probably weighed a couple of tons, experts said today.

The shark jaw was found Feb. 25 by Jay Wright, 25, of Dixon, Ky., a continuous miner operator for Webster County Coal.

Jay’s windfall may derail him from his furious pursuit of Black Lung development. He’s gone from obscure to in-demand, a role he seems to relish.

Wright said he’d been contacted by people with personal collections who were interested in buying the fossil. For now he has no plans for the jawbone. He said he might display it at his family’s drug store, where his wife is a pharmacist.

“I could sell it,” he said. “There are so many options.”

The World is Yours, Jay Wright. Once this shark jaw takes you to the top, just be sure to send the elevator back down for us little guys.

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