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VW is considering bringing back the hippie bus.


Hippies across the world will once again get to re live their adolescence.

It’s called the Bulli, and it was introduced at the Geneva Motor show this week, and it just may end up hitting the streets in the near future.

latimes: Automakers have been on a nostalgia trip in the last few years.  Volkswagen gave us the New Beetle in 1998.  BMW brought back the Mini Cooper in 2001. Ford redid the Thunderbird, then the Mustang, and then Chevy gave us the new Camaro and Chrysler the new Challenger.

With manufacturers looking for a way to bump up sales, it’s become defacto strategy to give back the consumer something they can all identify with, even if what passes for current culture today is littered with an avalanche of ennui that generally makes it difficult for a manufacturer to stand out or connect with that unexplainable feeling that makes most consumers giddy, especially if that brand retains a nostalgic gesture to a bygone era and carefree disposition.

And if the Bulli does come out, patrons can expect the following:

Anyway, the Bulli  is shockingly cool.  And it’s also 21st century:  Powered by a 40-kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery pack, Volkswagen says it’ll go 180+ miles on a charge, with a top speed of 87 mph.

Which, as anyone who ever owned a VW Bus knows, is about 40 mph faster than the original, and about 100 miles farther than an original would go before breaking down.

Isn’t it good to know you can realign new technology with a bygone era, even if it’s just a clever marketing ploy.