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Sergio Davila – Downtown Cool.



Photography by Gordon Ho. Sergio Davila 2011 Fall Collection.

Sergio Davila’s clothing is the uniform for downtown cool. It is dapper with a touch of quirky. Not vintage or purposely mismatched quirky, this quirky is an appointed quirky that makes sure all who are observing understand that while the wearer is artistic, he is also successful. These well-tailored pieces are paired with bright colored stockings or pants to give an air of play-fullness to the high-styled looks.

Winner of Fashion Group International´s Rising Star Award for Best Menswear Designer 2009 in New York City, Davila’s showing this year was unisex. As a native of Peru, Davila’s focus was on textiles. His fabric is luxurious and his cuts chic lending to a devoted audience of young professionals who are the type to still have the energy to frequent hip bars after a long day of work.