Home Nightlife SD26 throws Venice festival bash.

SD26 throws Venice festival bash.



Photography courtesy Steve Sands.

Fashionistas and preferred jet set alumni rocked SD26 this past weekend in testament to what organizer Francesco Belcaro termed the party of love behind a mask. Which as it turned out was probably an understatement. With a bevy of slinky femme fatales and dapper gents (yes they do exist it seems ladies) the crowd went appropriately awol as the sax machine went into overdrive and champagne flutes and powdered funnel cakes passed from one set of moist lips to the other- which isn’t bad work in this reporter’s eyes if you can get it.

A great night to be had, my only regret being when one woman leaning suggestively into me asked rather demurely “What’s going on, are you trying to seduce me?” I should have put down my glass and responded to her- never mind- a toast to Francesco and look out for more of his madeinitaly events.



Francesco Belcaro to the right.

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