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Obese man found in his own excrement and maggots after being stuck in a chair for 2 years.

The house where the obese man was found.

A lesson in when you’ve become too attached to possessions..

NY Daily News: A morbidly obese man had to be cut out of a chair after not getting up for two years, officials said.

The unidentified 43-year-old man living in Bellaire, Ohio, was discovered after his girlfriend and roommate called for help when the man was found unconscious in a living room chair.

He had been in the chair so long, that he and the chair were now one in  the same– his skin fused to the fabric. He wasn’t alone in his chair, however. He was in the company of an infestation of maggots and his own excrement too.

We’ve got to wonder, what kind of mindset can someone possible be in when they’re in that condition? Is that why he didn’t ask for help? Or did he?

'Home, sweet home...'

The man  lived with a roommate and a girlfriend who prepared him food since he was unable to get up.

While they were preparing all of those assuredly healthy treats for their roommate and chairbound lover, didn’t they ever stop to wonder where the waste was going? Didn’t they wonder if maybe they should call for help when they brushed the maggots from his cheek as he gobbled up his hearty meal?

And how did this all end?

Authorities were forced to cut a hole in the wall of the  man’s house to remove him to the hospital.

So much for roommates…

  • Anonymous

    the fat cunt

  • Ted

    As a health care professional, I also call bullshit! Sitting in his own excrement for even a few days would have caused skin breakdown and severe infection!

  • Troy

    I call bullshit on this one.