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Damon Johnson, The Beautiful Chaos: A Style Installation.

Photography by John Wenrich. Swagger's Editor- Sian Pierre

Not even half an inch of “Winter Mix” could keep NY’s artists and  fashionistas away from Wednesday’s trendy Art opening.  Held at Gallery Bar on 120 Orchard ,the opening reception (Party) for Damon Johnson, (The Beautiful Chaos: A Style Installation), was a blast.  Starting the night out with an intimate crowd of friends and family, the party hastily turned into a who’s who among NY’s fashionistas and hipsters alike.  With the group split into those having just arrived to those fully boozed, the night picked up swiftly.  The end of the complimentary drinks couldn’t dampen the fun as group after group of fashionistas arrived to fill the space with more fur than a pet store.

The bottomless pockets and great art made for an atmosphere of care-free conversation (about how fabulous each other looked) and amazing backdrops.  With the show presented by artist management agency Blaise + Co., the Contemporary art in collaboration with the style site Swaggernewyork.com, it truly was a night of see and be seen for Hipsters (Fashionistas) and Artists alike.

Damon Johnson far right.

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