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Bloody Loco is waiting for you by a subway near you!


Meet New York’s own  ‘Bloody Loco,’ the one character we hope you never meet on the train…

If you do run into this maniacal thug, however, be warned: You better remember his fuckin’ name. You better recognize. Or write that shit down, ASAP.

Because if you don’t Bloody Loco will take you outside to ‘shoot you up’ and break ya jaw, yo— no kidding. ASAP!!

Village Voice: A good way to become instantly terrified on the subway is to make eye contact with someone who goes by the name Bloody Loco, because he will surely talk at you and curse and spit a lot while everyone else on the train prays silently and plans their immediate exit off the Train A-fuckin-SAP.

Anger and insanity are apparent, so we’ve got to wonder, why doesn’t Bloody Loco, ever actually harm his victim? Is he just a punk? Or does he know if he took one swing at his cool, calm, and collected opponent that he wouldn’t be able to control himself? Was the maniac really crazy enough to follow the innocent commuter outside?

That is the scariest part, isn’t it? That we don’t know?

The moral of the story? The next time you roll your eyes at an out of breath panhandler or some weird dude scraping his knuckles on the cement, or even better some worked up dude  looking for something in his pocket while he sits on the subway next to you, take a sigh of relief that it’s not Bloody Loco letting you know what the fuck is up. Unless of course it is- then ‘you better remember his fxcking name. ASAP!!


  • David

    The blue sweater guy was my uncle. I’m proud of him

  • Tim

    I wish I had the humor and patience of this guy–and, indeed, of all the folks leaving a reply to this video. Some raving lunatic like that would have broken down my self-control “ASAP” and I would have gone off on him. How successfully remains very much up in the air, but I think I have enough years of pent-up frustration at dealing with folks like this that my outburst might equal whatever lunacy he has fueling him.

  • ASAP – talk about going loco down in acapulco – love the way the other passengers just react like nothing is going on!!

  • ha

    what an ape. stay in school, kids.

  • Dawn

    Lmao…Love the guys calmness… “I’ll write that down” Awesome. We all need to take a lesson and be like this man. Bloody Loco….Moody Boca…Pootie Canti….whatever his name is…needs to switch to decaf….

  • cristine

    i don’t care about bloody whatever. the guy with the blue shirt is hot – gotta find him. haha