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Anti Gay pastor caught publicly prostrating himself.


Ah, another classic case of “Do as I say not as I do…” And, ironically, New Orlean’s pastor Grant Storms didn’t get caught doing just anything, he got caught doing himself.

NY Daily News: Grant Storms, who gained notoriety for using a bullhorn to protest an annual gay festival in Louisiana, was busted Friday after two women allegedly saw him servicing himself in his van, the Times-Picayune newspaper reported.

The anti-gay pastor was well-known for protesting the Southern Decadence, a three-day gay festival, which he often referred to as ‘depraved,’ that took place the French Quarter held around Labor Day each year for nearly a decade.

“He’s done everything through the years to disturb that and try to make it into something nasty that it’s not,” the festival’s organizer, Chuck Robinson, told the Times-Picayune. “If the Rev. Storms is caught doing that in our city, it is ludicrous and heinous that he would have the nerve to complain about any kind of sexuality.” 

The moral of the story? You better be damn careful what you, yourself, do, because you never know, there may be someone waiting to catch you, literally, with your pants down.

We just hope that Grant Storms as able to clean up the mess he’s made…