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Welcome to Russia’s new Drunk Driving billboard campaign.


If this doesn’t stop you from drunk driving, what will?

Here’s a whoozy from the city of Nizhniy in Russia. In an effort to stem a serious condition very present in Russia- that of drink driving, authorities decided to force the issue. And force they have.

jalopnikFeaturing a dummy covered in fake blood that appears to have crashed through the billboards, they certainly illustrate a clear point while serving as a grim reminder to potential drunk drivers. The English translation of the Russian text attached to the billboard is roughly

“Your body could have been here”.

The officials got creative when building the billboard, adding a Santa Hat and putting a steering wheel in the dummy’s hands.

There’s nothing more affronting than the visage of a comrade with his body splintering billboards to sober you up, unless of course you too happen to be a real dummy too.

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