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Son confesses to chopping up his mother in pieces then putting her in the freezer.


Have you had a good look at what’s lurking in the back of your refrigerator?

A nineteen –year-old California teen is being held on suspicion of killing his mother with a saw, cutting her up into bits, and then stuffing her remains in the freezer. Then, after calling a family member to confess, he promptly headed to the police.

NY Daily News: Moises Meraz-Espinoza walked into a police station in Huntington Park, just south of Los Angeles, and allegedly told police of the murder and where it could be found.

You’ve got to wonder what Moises was thinking on his way to the police station that day. Did he feel regret? Fear? Accomplishment? According to family members, they said that Moises was very unstable, but they thought he’d hurt himself, never his mother.

It wasn’t just so much that he murdered his mother, but it was the manner that he did so that was particularly gruesome. The body of his mother was said to be in a condition that made it “readily unindentifiable,” according to the Coroner’s Lt. Brian Elias.

Oh, what a mother will go through for her child.

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