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14 year old gives birth to a baby and leaves it under her bed to die.


The world is starting to make less sense.

A fourteen year old girl’s mother over the weekend brought her daughter into Coney Island Hospital because she was bleeding. Upon examination, the attending doctor determined that the young girl had given birth. Asked where her child was, she responded ‘in a plastic bag under her bed at home.’  Feeling a little worse for wear? Then follow us where the drama only begins to unfold…

gothamist : Neither neighbors nor the girl’s parents seemed to know that the girl was pregnant in the past months. One told CBS 2, “She’s just like any other average, young, 14-year-old girl. I don’t understand; why wouldn’t I hear no screaming for the labor pains, she had to have had help.”

Are we missing something? Is it entirely possible to not notice that your 14 year old daughter is pregnant? Perhaps in the first trimester, but certainly one should be able to discern a little awkward bump beginning to make its way visible in the living room. Then again, let’s assume our Ms Sunshine, is staying indoors, shouldn’t that alert the parents, the neighbors, her friends, fellow students, one of her school teachers never mind the bouts of morning sickness this young girls must have been experiencing?

A medical examiner will determine how the infant died and police are questioning the girl to see if charges should be pressed against her. However, another neighbor blamed the parents for the tragedy.

One can only wonder if this young lady is beyond cunning or if the fact that she reneged on seeking assistance or even garnering attention from her immediate family and friends says more about them and the dissipating roles within American society. 

Aren’t you glad your 13 year old isn’t pregnant?

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